APACHE CANYON, Bridge 832.5 (Spider Leg Bridge)

Just 2.7 miles east of Lamy, New Mexico, is the "Spider Leg Bridge" (bridge 832.5) on what was formerly known (until May 21, 1989) as the Fourth District, Colorado Division, Eastern Lines of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. On May 21, 1989, the the Fourth District was changed to the Glorieta Subdivision and this portion of the Colorado Division was changed to the New Mexico Division. The Spider Leg Bridge is a 107 foot 8 inch ballasted deck, deck girder bridge on stone abutments. It hosts a 10 degree curve on a 2.60% ascending grade (west to east) toward the summit of Glorieta Pass.

The Spider Leg Bridge has been designated a national historic landmark and served as the inspiration for the 'Apache Canyon' Free-mo module.

The U.S. Geolocical Survey 7.5 minute quadrangle map of Apache Canyon and the Spider Leg Bridge is Glorieta, NM. The geographical coordinates are 35.514, -105.856.

The Spider Leg Bridge spans Galisteo Creek (although the creek is identified on the Santa Fe track charts as Apache Creek) at almost precisely midway between Canyoncito (MP 830.0) on the railroad-east and Lamy (MP 835.2) on the railroad-west. The tracks descend into Apache Canyon from the east at Canyoncito, where the USGS designated Apache Creek flows into Galisteo Creek. The railroad tracks follow Galisteo Creek westward through the canyon for another three miles until they exit via the narrow canyon mouth into the Arroyo de los Angeles. This narrow canyon mouth is where the Spider Leg Bridge is located.

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[All directions are timetable directions. Tracks run timetable east/west.]

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